This page presents a method of space propulsion (Fluid Space Drive) that has no need to expel propellant and therefore can accelerate a spacecraft for long periods of time. (It has also been called the Bumblebee Space Drive, because according to engineering it shouldn’t work, but if you build it does)


Simple description of the proposal (Version 3)

Using two astronauts and batman (Adam West version)


A step by step explanation of the principles involved

(for the serious minded, no kids, no skateboard, no batman, no puns)


Frictionless experiment with a torsion balance apparatus

Using metrology similar to Henry Cavendish’s 1706 experiment to measure the force of gravity between masses


Note to persons reproducing the experiments.


First of all a few words of thanks to persons that are voluntary testing the idea investing their time and expense, motivated principally by curiosity, I have been surprised by the positive reaction. “I genuinely want to finding out for myself if this works” (JM) is a typical response.


For any that wish to participate (the more the better) I will repeat the request/offer that anybody that wishes can reproduce the experiments and prove me wrong (or right)


We are designing a better DIY test bed that is simpler than what was previously suggested, will put instructions online soon (today is 28/3/2014), if you wish to try your hand with the torsion balance apparatus, be my guest and please feel free to email with any doubts.


I am told it is customary that volunteers receive some sort of “perk” for their effort, the first 20 persons that try one of the above experiments(regardless of results) will receive 10 shares of a soon to be created company (startup as it is the fashion these days) under the conditions outlined here.


A first video of efforts to validate the experiments has been sent from Joel Mayor (Casting Engineer in Australia) unfortunately there were some unexpected consequences (see)


Contact Information

William John Elliott S.
william.john.elliott (contact on Skype)