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William J. Elliott


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I'm pleased to invite you to make a contribution that will turn you into an early investor in a truly revolutionary technology.

What will you get by contributing?

For every 2 US$(1) you contribute you will receive one (1 of one million) share(s) of Tecnologías William Jhon Elliott Somerville E.I.R.L. Rut: 76722619-5 formalized as a company on date 7 of May 2017, you will be an early investor.


·      You will contribute to the development of a practical method of exploring the solar system (and maybe beyond)

·      You will participate (maybe go down in history) as backer to an enormous scientific breakthrough.

·      You will be a shareholder of record and participant of interesting future developments

·      We will prove that there is still a place for the “amateur scientist” backed by a crowd of idealistic supporters; not all breakthroughs need to result from government funding and/or funding from big universities/corporations.


All contributions will be recorded in the Investors Register, contributors will receive a PDF file confirming the transaction.

(1) This value may change please check this page before investing.


We are open to angel investors, please see.




I am sharing this in good faith, I and others am 100% sure that the Fluid Drive Works (see), however, as in most great innovations there are risks, please contribute but however generous do not invest more than you can afford.


This offer is valid while I am still an “independent inventor”, a “startup or angel investor” may change the future rules for investing,


If the conditions change it will be posted on this webpage.



How to contribute

You can contribute via Paypal to

If you are currently in Chile you can simply transfer the contribution to Banco Estado

Nu Cuenta: 000-000000-0638775-1

Rut 6387751-4

Nombre Completo William John Elliott Somerville

Information for sending contribution via Western Union

Receiver’s information

Name: William Elliott

Country: Chile

Address: Villaseca 521-c ñuñoa

City: Santiago


Please do not mail checks


Wjetech was formalized on date 7 of May 2017 as:

Tecnologías William Jhon Elliott Somerville E.I.R.L.

Rut: 76722619-5





Questions? Please email:

Phone 56-9-85530114 or Skype (look for