Your name (or logo) in space

Invitation to Contribute


We (with others) will launch a microsatellite in 16 to 29 months from today (25/4/2023) to demonstrate our method of space propulsion in orbit.


A plaque with the names of those that contribute to the project will be included on board.



The first names on the plaque will be the institutions that have invested/supported Wjetech Spa.


Next will be the names of the first 10 persons or institutions to contribute

The names that follow will be sorted according to the amount contributed


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You will contribute to the development of a practical method of exploring the solar system (and beyond)


You will participate (maybe go down in history) as backer to an enormous scientific breakthrough.




All contributions will be recorded in the Investors Register, contributors will receive a PDF file confirming the contribution.


All will receive a monthly progress report and any questions will be answered by me personally via Zoom




How to contribute

You can contribute via Paypal to

If you are currently in Chile you can simply transfer the contribution to Banco Estado:

Nu Cuenta: 000-000000-0638775-1

Rut 6387751-4

Nombre Completo William John Elliott Somerville

Information for sending contribution via Western Union

Receiver’s information

Name: William Elliott

Country: Chile

Address: Villaseca 521-c ņuņoa

City: Santiago

Please do not mail checks

Wjetech was formalized on date 7 of October 2019 with initial starup funding by Corfo (Chilean economic development agency)

Rut: 77076455-6





Questions? Please email:

Phone 56-9-85530114 (Whatsapp)


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